Tis the Season for Legwarmers

Legwarmers. Some people love them and some people hate them. I happen to love them. :) I bought two pair of legwarmers last season, but I really haven't worn them much. But I was out Christmas shopping the other day, and I noticed that one store had a package of legwarmers, but they were re-labelled as "boot toppers." Genius. Especially since I am completely, irrevocably in love with my ankle boots. I tried the legwarmers with some jeggings and my ankle boots and loved it. Now that I'm looking at the pictures, I realized how black and gray and brown my outfit is... Oh well. I'm just going to have to own those colors and realize that I can't escape. 

In other news, we had to go to the DMV today to transfer a title, and I only had one minor meltdown. I'm not sure what it is about that place, but I dread going there every. single. time. Which luckily is only about once a year. Also, if any of you happen to go, don't take coffee inside just in case the grumpy security guard with delusions of grandeur gets mad at you for not reading the teeny sign that says no food and drink and makes you take your mug back to the car while it's raining and then come back in and get back in line. 

This is purely a hypothetical situation. Obvi. 

It's almost Christmas! And I have to finish shopping. Which is what I will be doing the rest of this weekend. :)

Outfit Details:

Cardigan -- Old Navy via Goodwill $3
Shirt -- Salvation Army $.66
Jeggings -- Kohls (free with gift card)
Legwarmers -- Target (gift)
Boots -- Target $15

Total Cost: $18.66