A Little Blog Break

I have decided to take a little break from blogging for a while. If you have any questions about the Charmed Whirlygig quilt please feel free to email me.
Have a great week,

It's Good to Be Green Giveaway Results

I tried to transfer the random number generator to this post, but didn't have any luck. So the number that came up was #12-Mountain Home Quilts!! Please email me your address and I will mail the parcel to you. ( I just love everything English)

Thank you so much to everyone that participated......I always love to visit everyone's blogs and profile pages.
I will definitely have more giveaways, because I am always generating scraps and don't really seem to use them. LOL

Have a great weekend,

It's No Wonder We're So Screwed Up

On long car trips, I occasionally wax philosophic. I ponder the big questions. Last Monday, as we were speeding along some interstate or other on our way to Nashville, Jim The Husband (AKA Sugar), remarked how it felt like SPRING was in the air, even though it was still cold, and the trees still bare. Something in the air smelled of possibility.

This made me ponder the whole cycle of life thing--new beginnings, things sprouting anew from the dormant womb of Mother Earth...okay, I know, I went around the bend there, but you get the idea. The cyclical nature of the universe captured my imagination. Everything important is round. The Earth, the sun, Godiva hazelnut oysters--okay, they aren't really round, but they are roundish.

Things go 'round in circles... Everything has a natural beginning and end...

Of course, I went off on a tangent. If everything starts anew in spring, WHY DOESN'T THE NEW YEAR BEGIN ON MARCH 20th?

I asked Sugar about this, but he was busy fiddling with his Blackberry and wasn't paying good attention just then. He did mutter something about the Mayan calendar actually being more accurate according to some folks

Now THERE'S a thought that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. We haven't seen the movie yet--it's in our Netflix queue. But if the previews are any indication, it doesn't end happily.

Now, you may wonder here if I paid attention in school, or perhaps went to school in one of those Southern districts that gets so much attention in studies and whatnot because children can't read. The answers are yes, and no, respectively. Any gaps in my education I blame on that bicycle accident when I was eight where I got the bad concussion. It impacted my memory. Some things I simply cannot remember.

Which is why I am so thankful for Google.

For any of the rest of you who suffered head injuries as a child, daydreamed in class, or possibly attended a sub-par school district, January (named for Janus, the Roman god of doors) was not always the first month in the Gregorian calendar. March was, originally. Ha!

It was changed around 450 BC because that's when counsuls were chosen or some such. (Yes, this is an oversimplification, but y'all can Google for the details if you want them.)

Between politicians monkeying with our calendar because of elections, and springing us forward to save energy, our systems are completely out of balance with nature. It's no wonder we can't solve the big problems like HEALTH CARE and WORLD PEACE. We're fundamentally screwed up.

On a side note, I did get the Tweety Bird Yellow out of my hair.

Peace, out...


"It's Good to Be Green" Fabric and Pattern Giveaway

I decided to have this giveaway and call it "It's Good to Be Green", because the fabrics are green, but then realized they make a great St Patrick's Day giveaway also. In this giveaway are yardage of 4 different green fabrics of approx. 2 yards of each. I know that the second and 4th pieces are Moda. I also have a dark blue piece to add, but left it out because it's not green!Also, included is 26 patterns, most are pieced, but there are a few applique ones. I am sorry that the pictures aren't very good. I was hoping for sun today, but it was not be. And, the plastic covers reflect the light too much. And I am a lousy photographer to boot! LOL
I was pretty ruthless in my sewing room the other day. ;-)
Please leave your email address and I will pull a name on Friday.

I have been sewing for hours everyday and have the Dolce quilt in the washer as I type this. I will post a picture later.
Take care, Cathy

Green California Summit is here!

It's that time of the year again... the annual Green California Summit and Expo is here again at the Sacramento Convention Center March 15th through 17th.

I strongly urge everyone to attend and take advantage of this yearly convergence of technology, innovations, and education. The expo is comprised of a lot of commercial and institutional suppliers and companies, but there are some small companies and business' geared towards residential projects and homeowners to check out.

Most of all... the expo is free to attend! I will be personally attending the expo on March 17th to celebrate St. Patty's Day and all great things "green". I hope to see a big turn out and lots of great new products to review.

For more information, please check out the site below:

A Little Bib Love :-)

The wonderful sunshine and warmer weather has given me a nice shot of energy! I have been in my sewing room just working away for the last couple of days. I decided that my great niece and great nephew needed some spring bibs.These precious chicks are the embroidery design work of Meringue Designs. I think that I could possibly be her biggest fan!
And a big "B" for baby Benjamin. The fabric is from "Love U" by Deb Strain for Moda.
I am having trouble top stitching when using walking foot. I have to go very slowly and have a hard time deciding what to use to line the edge up with. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to have them. I think that I could piece a quilt in the time it takes me to make a bib! LOL My walking foot is by Bernina if that helps.
Thank you so much,

Great Sale at Burgundy Buttons!

I just wanted to post about a great sale going on at Burgundy Buttons for today and tomorrow. She has the new fabric" Fresh Cottons" by Moda for a great price and then if you are a blog follower you can get 10% more off. I have no affiliation with the shop, just a very happy customer! She also has the beautiful Verna fabric of which I just needed to get a little more of.
Have a great day,

AFM Safecoat Paints- a personal experience

I had heard all kinds of comments and opinions about "green paints", but I really felt that a product like this required a first hand experience. With a couple of much needed remodel projects around the house I knew I needed paint and I knew I wanted to invest in some high quality, non-toxic, environmentally safe paint, but I really didn't know where to begin.

Now there are a lot of choices on the market these days, and eventually I hope to review them all, but for my remodel projects I settled on AFM Safecoat Paints. To be honest, the local green building supply store was having a sale on AFM Safecoat Paints and the color selection was amazing... that's how my selection was so easily achieved, pure science! The colors were mixed, the cans were shook, and I was off on my "green paint adventure".

As I had previously stated, I had heard some crazy comments about "green paints". "The paint is all runny and hard to work with...", "that stuff takes forever to dry...", and "it's a real pain when you have to clean it...".

Wow, let me tell you... this was by far my best painting experience ever! For starters, both of my projects were small bathrooms with only exhaust fans for ventilation and I had no problems with paint odors... I didn't even have to run the fans. Normally when I paint I eventually need to take a fresh air break from all the off gassing, but not with this stuff... it was like there were no odors at all. The Safecoat Paints rolled on to the walls beautifully, one coat and I was good to go. Remember how I was told, "that stuff takes forever to dry...", that comment couldn't have been any further from the truth. The drying time seemed very quick and I really didn't have any complaints about it.

Clean up was an absolute breeze, easier than any other paint I've used... my brushes, roller, and pans rinsed right off without the help of any cleaners or solvents. After my tools were dry, they were ready for the next project without any trace of residue. Also, while I was painting I made a couple mistakes as usual, but they were easily wiped up without any effort or fuss.

Not a single negative comment or opinion stood up to AFM Safecoat Paints! I felt good about the purchase, I felt great about the experience, but most of all I felt good about my choice to go "green" with my paint selection.

Check out AFM Safecoat Paints for yourself: http://www.afmsafecoat.com/

Central Valley shoppers can find AFM Safecoat products at these locations:

Green Home Gold, El Dorado- 530.622.8176, http://www.greenhomegold.com/

Green Sacramento, Sacramento- 916.448.8109, http://www.greensacramento.com/paints.html

Things I've Been Working On

Here is my whirlygig quilt all quilted and washed! I love the way it turned out and have slept under it the the last few nights.Quilting could be better......I like doing a meander the most, but decided to do an allover flower this time. After I washed it I could see the open areas that I hadn't covered as well as I could have. But, I have never been a perfectionist in my quilting and won't start now. LOL
I had some leftover pieces of Wonderland and made this pillow for my DH. Simple, but fun to make.
Tom is leading a 10 day Airstream Caravan from Washington D.C. to Charleston SC. I am making these pillows for him to give as a way of thanks for going on the caravan. The design is from Meringue Designs. Love her stuff!!!!
It's "Good to Be Green" Fabric and Pattern Giveaway will be later this week. I was ruthless with my sewing room this weekend cleaning it so I have a lot of patterns to giveaway if you are interested.
Take care,

Somebody Loves My Quilts!

My daughter's new little kitten Peyton loves my quilts......Hum, maybe I need to make him his own. ;-)This is the one that has flannel for the backing. Very warm and snuggly.

I Cannot Think With All This Blonde Hair

Hair color is not an exact science. Even the colorist who has been making you ash blonde with platinum highlights for many years--okay, not THAT many--can accidentally make your hair yellow.

I know, because this happened to me, and despite two rounds of toner, I still look like Tweety Bird. And now I'm out of town, so the HIGHLY SKILLED colorist who accidentally made my hair bright yellow can't do anything else to fix it. (She really, really is highly skilled--I'm not being snarky at all because I have a YELLOW HEAD.)

It doesn't seem prudent to walk into someone's shop who's never done my hair before and ask for color correction, so I'm stuck until I can get back home.

The worst part is, I think all the chemicals have effected my brain. I can't seem to string two sentences together. Everything I write I end up tossing the next day. I'm either brain damaged, or just in such a foul mood over what I see in the mirror I can't function.

Either way, I'm on the verge of heading to Walgreens for some L'Oreal.

Scrappy Giveaway Results

Wow, I am truly blown away by all the responses that I got for this giveaway!! Is it because people love making scrappy quilts or just ready for spring like fabrics. LOL Thank you so much for participating. I did not get a chance to respond to everyone (I type very slowly) but wanted to let you know that I checked your profile and went to your blog if you had one. It was fun "meeting" new quilters.

The winner is Miss Nettie from Miss Nettie Quilts. She said-Please enter me in your giveaway. I could really use these wonderful scraps of fabric. These are lovely. It is extremely kind of you to do these giveaways. Thanks for the chance, Cathy.
Please send me your address and I will get these in the mail on Friday.

I plan on having another giveaway next week. Can you tell that I love doing them. :-) This one will be called "It's Good to Be Green" I have quite a bit of green yardage that I need to find a home for.

I finished quilting my whirlygig quilt yesterday and I think that I am allergic to machine quilting. I had a very sore throat and runny nose when I was done. I think it is from all the cotton lint that is produced when I quilt at high speeds. Does anyone else have this problem?

Have a good rest of the day,

On My Own Recognizance

So I'm back in Indiana this week, last week was Kentucky. I've had no access to Jazzercise--well except for the DVD's I can use in the hotel room. I actually did this one day last week when the exercise room was full. Doing Jazzercise moves on carpet is less than optimal, but I tried. (Aerobic shoes don't slide on carpet.)

I've been using the treadmill, elliptical machine, and/or bike for an hour every day except the one, and I have to say, exercise is painfully dull when you're watching the news instead of moving to the groove. Also, NO ONE in the exercise room taunts me with a microphone, or yells when I slack off. I've come to depend on that.

I really don't enjoy watching the news anyway. The only time I watch it is when I'm in the exercise room and someone else has it on. As if exercise wasn't depressing enough...