Feather Tunic

Okay, get this: I was at Goodwill, like any usual day, and saw a sign that their Halloween costumes were 75% off. Clearly I wasn't in the market for more costumes, but I never walk away from 75% off without looking. I found this black and white dress/tunic for a dollar. One dollar! It actually wasn't great at first, because it had weird bell shaped sleeves, and slits up the side of the dress. However, ten minutes with me and my sewing machine quickly fixed it, and now I love it!

I'm still not sure how it qualified as a costume. Maybe somebody wanted to dress up as a bird? (Which is very different from somebody dressing up as a human being attacked by birds, just saying) But if I'm offered something at 75% off, I'm not going to question it. Something about a gift horse, or something.

Outfit Details:

Feather tunic -- Goodwill $1
Tights -- Goodwill $1.99
Belt -- Salvation Army $.33
Flats -- Salvation Army $1

Total Cost: $4.32