Citizen Cashmere - Ethical Clothing

As winter sets in everyone is looking 
for warm yet ethical wool. Enters Citizen Cashmere.

What makes Citizen Cashmere environmentally friendly? The seven nomadic herders who manage their goats are well paid to maintain their traditional nomadic way of life. Along with their families who move with them they get to thrive at the way of life they chose, which is to herd rather than moving into cities. Citizen Cashmere is proud to preserve this rich cultural heritage while paying wages that can let them afford to send their kids to college.

Their factory’s knitters are located in China. However to maintain our high quality standards, they pay 1/3 higher wages than other Chinese knitwear factories.

Since they own every part of our own supply chain, they can control every
aspect from how the goat lives to getting it combed and taking the hair and turning into a sweater. All their dyes are guaranteed to be good for the environment. They ensure their production is non-toxic and safe for aquatic life.
Citizen Cashmere conducts external testing with independent third parties to meet international standards for non-toxicity for our products and is committed to constantly seek ways to make their operation better for the environment.