Halloween Costumes

Halloween is in exactly nine days. I haven't completely nailed down what I want to be this year, but I've narrowed it down. I've only dressed up once before, and that was as a pirate, which was a ridiculously fun costume. I've always wanted to be a pirate, and I'm not sure why. :)

Here's my brother Daniel and I when we were in college together. He's supposed to be some guy from a movie called The Clockwork Orange (I think...). His costume was pretty rocking. 

My friend Christina was a ninja turtle (I painted her face!) and Chase was Pancho Villa. He decided on that costume about an hour before we went trick-or-treating. Ha. But he looked awesome.

This Year
Audrey Hepburn or Holly Golightly

A flapper. Awesome! (Kim Kardashian, not so much...)

Jess from New Girl. So cool. I would have to buy hair extensions, though.

Tilly from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I think this is most likely what I'll end up being. Classic, not slutty, and fake blood. Perfect.
birds -blood

A Freudian Slip. This version of it kind of sucks, but I think this could be a great costume if the slip was actually in your size and you added a beard and a hat. That way it looks a little more original.

So. What are you guys going to be for Halloween?