Our Cool Down Weekend

About a month before I became pregnant with Cruz, Beau and I started P90X, a super intense workout program that does not mess around.  For sixty minutes every morning, Beau and I worked muscles we didn't know we had, and Tony Horton became this semi-annoying brother that lived in the basement.  Thanks to P90X, I now know what a pot-stirrer is, and will forever have Drea Weber to thank.  

I've never been one to work out, although I wish I was.  It's all about the start for me, and once I get started, I find that I actually enjoy doing it.  It's one of the few things in life that instantly makes you feel better about pretty much everything after you're finished.  You work really hard, feel pretty good, and keep your eye on that clock waiting in anticipation for that rewarding, deserving cool-down at the end of a job well done.  And unlike some, I savor that cool down for every second it's worth.  

This weekend, we finally entered cool down mode.  After a whirlwind start to October with birthday parties, work conferences, and a few busy weeks at work, the marathon is over, thankfully, just in time to enjoy our victory lap with a weekend at home with 70 degree warmth and lots of sunshine.  After weekends full of plans and places to be, we abandoned all plans and soaked up a weekend with absolutely nothing to do.  Well, besides pick up a turkey and watch a pumpkin launch across a field in a punkinator...

Our weekend was the best kind of weekend.  It started with a Friday night date night, Cruz happy at home with his favorite baby-sitter, and Mom and Dad soaking up some overdue alone time with pumpkin pasta at the Montage, a stroll through the mall, and cuddling up with some lattes and guitar at Cup of Joe.  Saturday morning brought a slow morning in pajamas, a trip to the Farmer's Market to pick up our Thanksgiving bird, an afternoon of baking, and a Saturday night in, watching football, devouring apple crisp, and cheering Cruz on as he mastered every one of his puzzles.  He's pretty awesome at puzzles.

Sunday brought a pumpkin spice latte at church, an afternoon nap for three, and an inaugural trip to the pumpkin patch.  I'm even surprised that I've never visited a pumpkin patch before, and have always done my pumpkin shopping at the front entrance of Hy-Vee.  This year, however, a pumpkin hunt at a real patch was in our stars, and it didn't disappoint.  With hay rides and corn mazes, blow-up houses and our favorite, a pumpkin canon better known as 'the punkinator,' that 'chucked' pumpkins through the air towards a yellow school bus that had definitely seen better days, there was something for all of us. 

Cruz loved petting this piggy --- he's quite the fan of petting zoos!  

After an afternoon of fresh air, pumpkin hunting, and a pit-stop for some ice cream at Hanson's, we ended our weekend outdoors with one massive leaf pile in our backyard.  This was another first for our family of three, and at first, Cruz preferred to stay on the outskirts of our mountain while Beau and I lounged in its luxury.  Soon, Cruz climbed on his daddy, stuffed leaves up his shirt, and insisted on catching some family pictures of the moment.


When it comes to taking pictures lately, Cruz has been somewhat of a ham, however, he's learned a thing or two about being behind the camera from his mom over the last couple of years.  I had the tripod set up, and Cruz turned into quite the photographer behind the lens.  He would hide behind the camera for awhile, push some buttons and make sure his settings were just right, then peek out from behind the lens and wave at us with this cheesy grin on his face as if to coerce his parents to smile for the camera.  It was at this point that I realized that although Cruz may not always smile for the camera, he is paying attention to his crazy mom's tricks along the way.

It was a happy, restful weekend around here, a perfect cool down after quite the start to October.  I'm looking forward to a slower end to this great month, more weekends with abandoned plans and firsts for this family of three.