Grey on Grey with a Side of Burberry

7 grey sweater tightsIMG_9619
I've been waiting until the weather cooled off so I could finally wear my Burberry-knockoff scarf. I found it at Salvation Army (of course) a few months ago for $0.66 and loved it. I decided I may as well spend a few quarters on a scarf instead of the $350 a scarf goes for on their website. What to do with the $349.34 that I saved... hmmmm.
Okay, serious question: Do you guysspell the color-between-black-and-white "grey" or "gray"? Whenever I look for something that's grey on Pinterest, I have to do two searches--one with each spelling--because different pictures pop up each time. Weird, right?

Outfit Details:

Boots -- Goodwill $6
Tights -- WalMart $1
Grey Shirt -- Goodwill $3
Sweater -- Free
Scarf -- Salvation Army $.66

Total Cost: $10.66