I know I already posted today, but I have violent feelings that have to escape. Or something like that...
I love politics. I love talking about them, arguing, debating, whatever you call it. I am a Democrat. Almost all of my immediate and extended family is Republican. Which is fine. Whatever rows your canoe. One thing that really really frustrated me when I was living in Texas, however, was how angry and judgy people acted toward me if I told them that I don't, in fact, think Obama is an awful president. I don't think anybody overtly said it, but the general impression many people gave off was that if you weren't a Republican it was because you hadn't read your Bible closely enough.

Which PISSES me off.

One thing I've been thinking of lately is how conservative Christians automatically assume that the Republican party is the most Christian of the two, solely on the basis of being against abortion and gay marriage. I am a Christian and very much in favor of gay marriage, as are many Christian denominations. What people like that seem to do is ignore the rest of the Biblical ideals demonstrated through Scripture, such as taking care of the poor or fighting for equality. When did abortion and gay marriage become the only two things Christians are supposed to care about? (I totally know I ended that sentence with a preposition, but I don't care.)

In summary, if anybody has a problem with me thinking that equality and social justice are more important issues than the two conservative issues, I don't care. Yeah, that's basically why I wrote this entire post. To tell the blogosphere that I do not the hell care. And if any Obama haters tell me that I SHOULD be a Republican because of "the economy" or his "muslim roots" I'm going to delete you. Seriously. I'm so sick of people throwing around the word "economy" and thinking that it makes them look interesting and informed.

Also, Paul Ryan absolutely lied about his marathon time by an hour. Which I do, in fact, think this makes me look interesting and informed.