High-Low... Finally!

I've been admiring the high-low trend from afar, but never found any clothes like that. However, I was cleaning out my refashioning stash and found a shirt I had forgotten about that had a great high-low hem. I put it to be refashioned because it was too big, and I never wore it because the high-low hem had yet to make an entrance. I was so happy to find it, though. I took in the side seams an inch on each side and it was perfect! Here's the picture I copycatted.


This is my whatevs face. And yes, I do actually use that word in real life.

I was also thrilled to finally find some nerd glasses. I love love love them, but all the ones that I found at Claire's or other inexpensive stores were huge on my tiny little head. But I guess Dollar Tree especially caters to people with tiny little heads, because these were perfect! Plus they were a dollar. Not buying them was not an option.

So... high low hems and nerd glasses. I guess I'm finally a cool kid. :)

Outfit Details:

Shirt -- H&M $5
Jeggings -- Kohls Free with giftcard :)
Cardigan -- Goodwill $3
Sandals -- Payless $4
Glasses -- Dollar Tree $1

Total Cost: $13