This is me. On a normal work day. 

I'm lying. This is not a normal work day. Normally I leave for work at 5:15 am, and I do NOT fix my hair or wear eyeshadow. It's nice to go in a little bit later and have time to blow dry my hair.

And time to take nerdy pictures. That's always a nice start to a day.

I also love my shoes I wear to work. Even though they're Payless knock-offs of Nike shoes, I still love them. It's okay, Payless. You're the underdog, so I will support you. Can I also say how much I love dress codes? I wouldn't normally choose to wear a black polo shirt, but whenever I leave for work I never have to think about what to wear. I pick one of my three black shirts and wear jeans and leave. It's great. I'm a giant fan of dress codes. It's one small way to simplify life and simplify the many decisions we have to make each day.

Have I mentioned that I love my job? I also love coffee. That's always a good thing.