Plain Tank to Peplum

Once upon a time I bought two tank tops from a thrift shop with great plans for them. One of them was this pink shirt. The other one sat in my refashioning pile for months, until I saw this tutorial on Kaitlin's blog. This shirt was perfect for it!

 It started out as an extra-large tank, which is just a few sizes too big to wear, but it's perfect to turn into a peplum top. I tried on the tank and eye-balled where I wanted the peplum to start. I cut it off at the waist. I turned the tank top part inside out and sewed the side seams to make it fit tighter.

I changed the stitch on my sewing machine to the longest stitch length, and sewed around the cut part of the strip.

Next, I pulled the strings to make the strip of fabric gathered so it would match the tank top section.

I matched the two pieces together, pinned the heck out of it, and then sewed it. I know what you're thinking: Why would somebody use light blue thread on a black shirt? Annnnd, the answer is whenever I run out of a color of thread I forget to buy a new spool. Yeah... so I just use random colors. My mom gets stressed out when I don't match the thread color to the clothing, but I figure it's one the inside, so it doesn't really matter anyway. :)

And, it's done! To see how I styled it, you can go here.