All About Feathers

I have to admit: I'm a little bit late jumping on the hair feather bandwagon, but I have secretly coveted them for awhile. They weren't allowed at the school I taught at last year, but now that I am a barista instead of a teacher, why not?

I was shopping for my hair straightener at Sally's last week, and they were selling packs of five feathers with the silicone bead attachers for $2.50. Seriously. Two dollars and fifty cents. I bought two packages. You never know when you might just want ten feathers in your hair. You know, if you ever need to dress up like a bird or something. I decided not to put in ten. But here's how I put one in. 

Start out with normal, slightly messy hair. I'm lying about the slightly messy. It's just to make me feel better for not fixing my hair and makeup before I took eight hundred pictures.

Figure out where you want the feathers. I put mine in the middle under some hair so the base of the feather won't show.

Section off a small piece of hair.

And... tie a piece of dental floss around it.

I also want to say that I feel like I totally invented this way to do feathers. I couldn't figure out how to put the bead through my hair evenly and so I looked in the medicine cabinet for inspiration and found dental floss instead. Which works super. So if you see anybody else using dental floss tell them I've copyrighted this method.

Feed the ends of the dental floss through the bead.

And then pull your hair and the floss through.

Push the bead close to your scalp.

Put the tip of the feather through the bead, then...

Squeeze the bead with pliers. And don't pull your hair out with the pliers. I feel like that would be unnecessarily painful.

Done. But not. If the feather sticks out at an awkward Yankee Doodle angle, don't cry. It is fixable.

Starting at the base of the feather, bend the feather with your fingernail making little "breaks" in the feather to help it lay nicely on your hair.

Also, side note: it will look about 800 times better if your hair is fixed. :)
Side note part two: Can you see the awesome fake flowers on our windowsill?