Computer Chair Refinish

My eyes almost went permanently crossed trying to figure out all of the HTML code to redo my blog aesthetics, but I finally feel done. You know that feeling when you've been working and working, and then you look at it and think: "Yes. That's it."? That's the feeling I had when I redid my header for the fifth time and changed my navigation bar. So now I am done.

Which means I'm returning to a regular posting schedule. Do you remember this chair reupholster? I loved this chair and felt like I poured a tiny bit of my soul in it by refinishing it. Unfortunately, even with Home Depot's help, the chair never was sturdy enough for me to feel comfortable leaning back in it. We would sit on the chair, but had to keep our hind parts on the very front of it so it wouldn't tip backward. Seriously. Harper, our lovely little slightly chubby cat would jump on it to sit down and it would tip over. Not the greatest chair for keeping.

So with a heavy heart we took it to Goodwill, but with joy in my heart I went shopping for a new chair. 

I found this dressing room chair for seven dollars at Salvation Army. We live in a 300 square foot apartment, so this little chair seemed perfect!

The dirty gold color had to go!

 With some four dollar spray paint and a shady area, Chase gave the chair two thin coats of spray paint.

Meanwhile, I bleached the white leather cushion.

 Then I soaped and rinsed it so there wouldn't be any bleach residue on our chair.

Make sure to use an old rag, just so you know. :)

 The frame looked SO.MUCH.BETTER afterward.

It also looks great against our newly painted turquoise desk/dresser/entertainment center (hey, it's a small apartment, okay?). Actually, pretend like you didn't see that. I'm going to post pictures of that beastly project in a few days. Enjoy the preview.

Harper approves!