Feather & Flower Fascinators

For my sister's wedding in two weeks, I'm making her hairpiece and the flower girls' hairpieces. I went to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies, and after approximately two hours, I left with a bag of supplies for twenty dollars.
flowers, two kinds of feathers, blue glass pearls, alligator hair clips, crystal brooches, felt

$1.99? Way to go Hobby Lobby. I'm probably contributing to the exploition of people in some  factory... dang it.

The small white roses looked kind of chintzy the way they were, so I took them apart and ironed the petals.

I stacked up several petals on top of each other, securing each layer with a dab of hot-glue. Afterward, I sewed the pearls in the center. I was going to use hot-glue to attach the pearls, but a few of them popped off the glue, so I sewed them on then glued them into place.

I cut a piece of felt out and glued some feathers to the top, then glued the flowers on. Make sure to trim the felt so it won't show from the front.

For the final step, I glued the felt pad onto the headband after I marked where I wanted it placed. On the inside of it, I glued a similar felt piece to make sure it would stay in place.

I did the exact same thing for the fascinator clip, except I sized it smaller and attached it to an alligator clip. The hot glue didn't hold it terribly well onto the clip, so I sewed a felt pad onto the clip, make the fascinator on a different piece of felt, then hot glued the two together.

Later today I'm going to make the hair piece for the bride, so I will have pictures up sometime this week. This was honestly a ridiculously easy project. It took a little over an hour, because starching and ironing the flower petals was time-consuming. Who knew?