More Favorite Memories from Mexico...

11. Our trip into town – since we didn't want to do a day-long excursion this time, we decided to take a cab to the free market in downtown Cancun.  It was quite the experience!  From our amazing cab driver, Mario, to the super sketchy upstairs banyo that cost ten pesos to use, and the best tacos I've ever tasted at the street-side Tacos Rios, we had fun exploring the more realistic side of this country. 

Tacos Rios.  You're looking at a beef cheek, beef tongue, and chorizo taco (definitely Beau's plate, not mine).  I went with two tacos al pastor and ended up ordering one more.  They were amazing!

12. Our counterfeit money escapade – after our adventurous and slightly scary afternoon bartering for goods in the free market in downtown Cancun, Beau noticed one of his $5 bills was counterfeit. He didn’t notice this, however, until we were in the airport on the way home. We did think it was a little fishy when Beau purchased a set of $12 Cuban cigars from a young man and he had to run down the hall into this sketchy room to ‘collect his change.’ At first, we thought he was taking our money and running, now we just wonder if he knew that he was giving us fake bills. The worst part is, we have no idea if the rest of the change we received was real. The rest, that is, that was used as tip money at the resort and other items of purchase in Cancun!

See the printing on the number 5? 

13. Having contests with Beau to see who ordered the best – he ended up one ahead by the end of the week, I'd like to call a truce based on the beef tongue and cheek (which, surprisingly, didn't agree with him).

14. Fantas and Diet Cokes – in glass bottles in our mini-bar.  Had one with my shower every afternoon.

15. Pancho – poor, poor, Pancho.  This donkey, with a sombrero and mustache, stood like a statue for hours one night, posing for pictures with other visitors.  Beau and I felt awful for the little guy, and refused to take a picture with him in protest!

16. Beau Jorgensen security threat – he was patted down three times in the Cancun airport, including the airport terminal just minutes before boarding our plane.  He were confused, but decided a super tan guy in a Cubs shirt must look suspicious. 

17. The drinks – from the Pacificos we purchased in the airport after landing, to the frozen treats at the pool, we stayed hydrated all week long...

Mexican Coffee - our after-dinner drink of choice.  Yes, it's on fire. 

18. The jacuzzi tub, the hot tub overlooking the ocean, and the infinity pool. 

19. The orange juice and hashbrowns at breakfast and the room service club sandwich and chocolate cake.

20. Just how connected you are to your technology.  After just four days away from email, Facebook, and this here blog, I was experiencing shakes in the Cancun airport.  During multiple occurrences at the resort, Beau and I asked one another a question we couldn't remember the answer to, and immediately felt helpless without our friend, google.  Simple things like lyrics to songs, names of people, Spanish translations... The technology fast was definitely needed, but made us realize our dependency.   

A few more pictures of our trip!

Our ride to Cancun was the biggest plane I've ever been on.  They were using it to transport parts, and the plane was about half capacity.  We had plenty of room, and had great luck with all of our flights.

Three aisles in this bad boy!