Happy to be Home

As I sit here in my living room, windows open, letting in the sounds of birds chirping in the trees and faraway lawnmowers cutting soft, Midwestern grass, I realize that I haven't been this relaxed in a very long time.  Cruz is fast asleep in his crib, my bathroom is clean, and we have plans this afternoon for a library card, some sidewalk chalk, and a little Father's Day preparation for Daddy.  After a beautiful week in Mexico last week, I am refreshed and rejuvenated, but more than ready to soak up this summer vacation just being mommy, playing with Cruz, and crossing off items from our Summer Bucket List.

It's amazing what six days away from your little guy will do to a mom.  By the trip's end, I was convinced I had forgotten what his voice sounded like, and couldn't hear the way his casual 'yea' sounded in my head.  I went crazy wondering what was going through his head, if he thought about us, and if he wondered where we went.  And a part of me was nervous for our reunion - would he be mad?  Would he be shy around us?  Would he want nothing to do with us?

Pulling up to Mom and Dad's Monday night was exactly like I had pictured.  Beau and I were fighting over who would get out of the car first, and since I was driving, I got mad when he unbuckled his seat belt down the street, preparing to run out of the car before I even got it turned off.  Cruz was on the porch with Dad, and his eyes perked up in curiosity the minute the car pulled in the drive way.  He didn't seem to know it was us, however, until we jumped out of the car and squealed his name.  His dark eyes turned into a smile and he looked deep in thought before reaching out to me, tucking his arms against my chest, and snuggling in close.  He looked confused, a little shy at first, but was definitely glad to have us home.   

We're home, baby.
In just six days' time, Cruz seemed like he had changed.  He seemed to be talking more, seemed more independent, and definitely worked on his tan.  Most of all, he seemed happy to have us back, which made this mom and dad thrilled.

Before we left on our trip, so many parents warned us about the changes we would see in our child upon our return.  We expected changes in our routine, but weren't in for the changes we saw in Cruz's personality.  To be quite honest, the first morning we were back, I was ready to pull my hair out!  Cruz's two favorite words were 'mine,' and 'no,' and each were accompanied with a whiney shriek that sent chills down my spine.  He jumped into crisis mode in about 2 seconds when something didn't go his way, and most of the time, I couldn't figure out what he was even upset about.  And since my time warp didn't seem to be working, I opted for the next best thing: the park.

Cruz and I took a trip to Cedar Falls Main Street, stopped at the candy store for some chocolate covered gummy bears and a smoothie at Cup of Joe, and hubbubed our way across the bridge to pretty Gateway Park.  And as I chased Cruz through the tunnels and pushed him high on the swing, his 'mine' and 'no' transformed to happy giggles and excited shrieks.  We watched the water from over the bridge, waved at the big trucks going down First Street, and read books under a shade tree.  It was just what we needed, and he's been back to his sweet self ever since!

Turns out, Cruz isn't the only thing that grew a little this week.

Looking forward to fresh pico de gallo on tacos this week.  We may not have a swim-up bar and turn-down service at our house, but we can bring back some of the cuisine!

Happy to be home.  Home to messes and 'mines,' diapers and dishes, parks and books under a shade tree.