Chambray Refasion

Inspired by my new sewing machine, I went to the thrift shop looking for clothes I could refashion. I found this chambray shirt for one dollar, so I picked it up right away. I think chambray shirts are so classy and casual. I love this shirt from J Crew, but since I am a recent college graduate, $88 is just a bit outside of my price range. :) 

Here's the "before" picture. The shirt fit decently well, but it was almost long enough for a dress. I'm also not a huge fan of the pleats on the front of it. They look okay, but I feel like I look pregnant. 

 The sleeves had a weird tie thing on them that made them look bunchy, so I took that off with a seam ripper.

The tie around the waist came off also.

I turned the shirt inside out took it in about half an inch in the sleeves and the sides of the shirt. After that I cut it off to make it more shirt-length and hemmed it. The front was still wide and stuck out from all the pleats, so I ironed some of them down and sewed a seam down the front of the shirt to help take out the bulkiness. 

 I ironed the seams flat and that was it! I'm so pleased with the results and I think it will look great with shorts or dressed up more with pants or a skirt.

It's amazing to me how easy sewing is. For one dollar I have a brand-new shirt that I love. Thrift stores are the best resources for refashioning, because everything is so cheap. You don't have to find the perfect shirt since it's simple to chop it off and take it in. I love this new hobby!