XL Lace Tank to an XS Lace Tank

I'm a sucker for lace, so when I saw two of these Old Navy lace tank tops for one dollar each at the thrift store, I bought them and had great plans for refashioning them. It was slightly large...
 It definitely needs some work.

Isn't the lace on it beautiful?
 I started out by turning it inside out and taking it in at the shoulder seams. After that I took in the side seams. I tried it on and took it in in both parts again.

The back wasn't very feminine looking, so I traced a line to make it cut in more, kind of like a racerback tank. I hemmed the arm holes to make them look more finished. 

 I tried it on again, but the arm-holes were looking rough! I guess that's what happens when you try to change an XL to an XS.  Not to worry. While wearing it, I folded the extra fabric in and pinned it, and then very carefully I took it off. I re-hemmed the arms, trimmed the extra lace hanging over the sides and I was done.
 The finished product. I fits really nicely. If I were doing it again I would not have hemmed and sewed to make it smaller. It took me at least two hours to try it on, take it in, try it on again, take it in, and so on and so forth. I should have gotten a tank top that fit the way I wanted this one to fit and traced the pattern and cut it apart. It would have gone a lot quicker that way and would probably be more accurate. With the black shirt, I'm probably going to take it in around the neck but leave it baggy and put elastic around the waist to make it into a tunic. We'll have to see what happens.
 The new shirt looks great with my polka-dot black pants. :)