What I Ate Wednesday

Hey everyone, what a Wednesday it was today! It was one of those days where I found myself remembering back to before Avery was born and wondering...what in the world did I do with all that free time? My life as a working mom has got me pretty busy these days and sometimes I wonder if I can ever get my head above water.  Between keeping up with laundry, loading diaper bags, coming up with activities for school, and cooking dinner, it's hard to find some time to just chill...mentally that is.  In fact, most of this blog post was written while I nursed Avery before bed, (thank you Boppy pillow and TV tray for making this happen). I bet this is a skill that other nursing, blogger mamas have perfected as well. 

None the less, Avery is now asleep and it's food time...my mental break time, so let's get going with what I ate this Wednesday.  Actually this is Tuesday's food, I found that trying to take pics, blog, and post all my food from a Wednesday on that same Wednesday was a difficult thing to do, so I'm trying to document what I ate on a Tuesday and post it on Wednesday, we'll see how this works out.  Here's my gluten-free, vegan eats from the day:

Just woke up snack: Rice Chex cereal, SO Sugar-Free
Vanilla Coconut Milk
Workout: 1 hour of yoga, 2 episodes of Namaste Yoga like I blogged about here. This is my favorite yoga series of all time, been doing it for several years!
Breakfast: "Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie"
Ingredients: rice milk, raw cacao, spinach,
chia seeds, hemp seeds, frozen bananas,
frozen strawberries. 
Mid-morning snack #1: 2 gluten-free, vegan pancakes (recipe
here), with maple agave nectar. I've been loving pancakes

2nd mid-morning snack: banana

Lunch: Broccoli Skillet (broccoli, carrots, onion, red
pepper, tomatoes, rice, curry, ginger, Braggs liquid aminos)

Afternoon snack #1: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lara Bar,
this one tastes just like a Snickers bar (to me)! Satisfied? You bet!

2nd afternoon snack: 1 "Barbcued Black Bean and Tofu Burrito",
recipe from Vegan on the Cheap. BBQ is something I've missed
 since going vegan, but this BBQ tofu hit the spot!
Then I picked up Avery and headed home.  It was smoothie time and someone helped me get all the ingredients out of the fridge.  Lately this has become her new play spot.  I'll sit her down on the ground, open up the door and the fun begins.  She will crawl to the door, start to climb up on the drawers and shelf and before I know it, she's standing!

Whatcha' need mom?

She's not satisfied with just standing in one spot, she has to
be reaching for what's close by or where she can go next.
In this case, Daddy's Blue Sky Soda. Like the splits?

Fridge door, I'm coming for you!

Snack: Avery and I then both shared a
"Green Orange Julius Smoothie":
Vanilla Sunwarrior Rice Protein Powder,
orange juice, 1 1/2 frozen bananas,
ice cubes, spinach.

Since Brandon went to go skateboarding tonight, Avery and I headed over my parent's house, her grandparents, for a night of fun...and The Biggest Loser finale!
Dinner: Vegan Chili and Pasta, inspired by
 "Cincinatti Suburb Chili" from Vegan on the Cheap
by Robin Robertson (pinto beans, TVP, tomatoes,
spices with Tinkyada rice spaghetti noodles,
topped with fresh onions)
Let's find out how Avery liked the chili and pasta.... (I also gave her two carrot sticks. If the meal is pretty soft and messy, I'll give her something hard and crunchy that she can hold onto during her dinner just to mix up the textures a bit. I also think the carrot sticks feel good on her teething gums!).

Spaghetti in one hand, carrot stick in the other.

Carrot sticks must feel good on those gums.

All smiles as she showed off her eating skills for Grandma,
Grandpa, and Uncle Andrew.

Dessert: a few spoonfuls of "Brownie Batter Dessert Hummus"
from Nourishing Flourishing. Who would have thought
beans could taste so much like brownie batter?! This is one
sneaky, delcious, and healthy dessert!

Well thanks for the chance to have my little mental break and ramble about something I love: gluten-free, vegan yummy food.  Did you eat anything especially good today? Share below!