Why I Heart Sanuk: Best Customer Service Ever

So over the summer, I bought a pair of Sanuk sandals that I really fell in love with, The Rasta Nectar Sandal. Made out of recycled rubber, hemp, and coconut shells (as buttons), they were a great eco find. I wore them pretty much every day... until the buckle broke. I broke out the superglue, but it wouldn't hold. I was heartbroken.

Sanuk Rasta Nectar Sandal - $44.00

So about a month ago, I saw them laying in my room and decided to shoot Sanuk an e-mail. I told them what happened and asked if there was any way they could fix it or send me a new button. Turns out, they send me a brand new pair of sandals, free of charge. All they asked for was a picture of my broken sandal. How awesome is that? It just goes to show how much Sanuk cares about their customer service. I can't wait til summer so I can start wearing my favorite sandals again!

I feel like eco-friendly companies aim to please their customers way more than regular companies. What do you think? Have you ever had a similar experience? Always love to hear your feedback! :)