Bring on the Books!

With a librarian grandma and an English teacher mom, it is inevitable that we would have a house full of books for Cruz.  He had a bookshelf full of books before he was even born, and over a year later, our bookshelves are busting at the seams!  I'm finding myself in a constant struggle to make books accessible to Cruz, yet keep them from getting 'toddlerized,' and lately feel the urge to ban Cruz from his room because I'm stick of stacking and re-stacking his beloved library on the shelf that's just at his reach.  Since my iPad board books are his reading material of choice these days, we needed a solution and new storage system for his many hardbound books.  And, because books are meant to be displayed, I looked to that bare wall in Cruz's toy room and...

Voila!  A $18 DIY bookshelf system!

Inspired by Pottery Barn's book shelf system, and modeled by similar bookshelves from the blog, Just a Girl, this was a fun project that was a breeze to put together.  We had most of the supplies at home, and purchased three different sizes of pre-primed white board feet (1x5.5, 1x3.5, and 1x1.5).  Beau cut each in three equal pieces, and used his nail gun to put them together.  Then, a coat of paint later, we have the makings of a reading nook (and lots of empty shelf space in Cruz's room. 

Bring on the books, Santa!