Holiday Wish List

Good morning everyone! This post is specifically dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend, Billy. He's been nagging me about what I want for Christmas, so I promised him I would blog a wish list for him. In the meantime, maybe you can snag a few ideas if you're stuck on what you want this year!

I know, I know... another zodiac necklace. But it's perfect! I like that it features the sign's constellation, not the symbol (Cancer's symbol looks like a 69... not the greatest) Plus it's made out of recycled metals which is so cool.

Super cute and made out of plant materials.

I need a new purse so bad, it's not even funny. I've had my eye on this Matt and Nat one for awhile. They line their bags with recycled plastic bottles and everything is vegan.

Love this color, it's my favorite. So simple and chic, it's hard to imagine that these are made out of plastic bags!

5. RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up in 11 and Lip2Cheek in Smile - $36.00 each
RMS Beauty makes some of the cleanest make-up you can find. I got samples of these from Spirit Beauty Lounge and was immediately hooked.

6. Intelligent Nutrients Leave-In Conditioner - $29.00
This is heaven for you hair in a bottle. Another sample that I got from Spirit Beauty Lounge and fell in love with. Gives me super soft locks without weighing down my super fine hair.

7. Blu Democracy Tie-Dye BF Sweatshirt - $68.00
Sustainable and sexy? Yes, please. I'm such a sucker for tie-dye :)

So there you go, honey! Hope this helped you out.
PS: Harry Potter movies are always a great gift, tehe ;)

So what about you guys? What are dying to have this holiday season?