The Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Good: So, I love following television shows. But I have a hard time finding interesting ones that I enjoy watching. I was searching Netflix trying to find a new show to watch during the evenings when Chase is loaded with homework, and I decided to try Army Wives. It is uh-mazing. I seriously love it. 

The Bad: Chase's grandfather passed away on Saturday night. He has been in poor health for awhile, so it was kind of expected, but obviously still difficult. We are actually in Texas right now for the funeral (Thank God for scheduled blog posts). 

The Ugly: Um, two words. LastMinute AirlineFare. It sucks. I think all airline companies are spawn of Satan. Not really. But kind of. I guess I should actually be incredibly grateful that it's possible to travel 1200 miles in five hours. That's kind of awesome. I still think that somebody should just invent how to teleport, but until that happens I'll just have to deal with the devilish airlines.

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