Les Mis

As mentioned previously, I adore Les Miserables. I bought Broadway tickets for Chase and I the day they went on sale in September, and we went on Wednesday night. It was wonderful. 

I pondered what I was going to wear for at least a week. And then I remembered that I had spontaneously bought a Michael Kors dress on sale this summer. That dress is one of the few pieces of clothing I've bought brand new. But it was Michael Kors. And it was twenty-five dollars. I couldn't pass it up. However, it was too big for me, so it stayed wrapped up in my closet. I finally worked up the courage to cut apart the dress and alter it to fit me. I was thrilled that it actually worked! I'm pretty brave when it comes to chopping apart thrift store items, because if it doesn't work than I've only lost $.66. But a Michael Kors dress? I would have cried if I ruined it. But luckily it worked out. 
We rode the train into the city. Which is always fun. :)
And then we walked the half a mile to the theatre. There were no pictures allowed in the auditorium, sadly, but it was awesome. The girl who played Fantine had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. It was amazing. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a play more than I've enjoyed Les Mis. 
When we were walking back to the train station, we passed rows of lit-up trees. It was so cool walking through downtown Chicago, with huge buildings on each side and Christmas lights and decorations. It was seriously great. Until I had to wake up at 5 am the next morning for work after getting home at 1 am. But whatevs. Life is about sacrifice, right? :)