Simple Christmas

We're truly snowed in around here this morning.  This massive snow cloud, referred to as 'Snowmageddon' by local radio stations, did not disappoint, and left us with a thick blanket of 9-12 inches of snow this morning.  It was the kind of storm that called for major hibernation around here, the kind we haven't seen before Christmas for a long time.  It's 5:00 p.m. and our neighborhood street is yet to be plowed!  It called for the three of us curled up in bed with an alarm turned off, a stocked fridge of all the 'essentials' --- you know, wine, cheese, microwave popcorn, ingredients for sugar cookies, and a day where the outside world shuts down and we're forced to use up every inch of our house for things like crafting, napping, and baking in our kitchen. 

Amen to that.

And while there's plenty to do outside of the comforts of this home of ours, I used this wintery day at home to focus on the things that often get neglected during this very full Christmas season...

The little things...

...a night of play-doh in pajamas.  This was a first for Cruz, and let me tell you what - he is a big fan.  And it turns out, so is his dad.  We each took a color and before I knew it, and hour had passed.  We had to pry his little hands away from the stuff well past bedtime, and I'd be lying if I said that Beau and I didn't contemplate continuing our play after Cruz was asleep upstairs.

...sappy holiday movies on Hallmark.  I think I've watched more this year than ever before and while I wouldn't be too quick to nominate them for a Golden Globe or anything, they are just the right amount of sap to send you right in the spirit of Christmas. 

...our annual Christmas light drive around town in our pjs, this time followed with chocolate shakes at Perkins before bed.  One of the waitresses won a giant reindeer for Cruz in the claw machine - such a sweet gesture. jammin' in bed.  We are pretty awesome at 'Jingle Bells,' 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas,' and Beau and Cruz's recent hit, 'You, You, Me, Me.'  Beau even made up a tune to go with it.

...pancakes with a helper for breakfast, followed by a morning of one overdue craft after another.  

We made scrap paper Christmas trees, mason jar snow globes, and munched on a holiday staple, sweet chex mix, a combination of chex cereal, cheerios, peanuts, MandMs, and melted vanilla chips. 

The finished product.  Love how simple and pretty they are.  

...late afternoon fires in the fireplace, kitchen play, movies, a big bowl of spaghetti, and white Russians for dessert.  I once remember getting snowed in at Beau's apartment in college, and spending the entire day playing Texas Hold 'em, drinking white Russians, and waiting on a Pepsi roast to cook in the crock pot.  I loved being snowed in in that dingy little apartment and wouldn't trade those days for anything.  

Thankful for this happy little snow day at home, a perfect prelude to a busy weekend of Christmasing.   

Wishing you warm toes and lots of merry this weekend!  Santa's watching :).