Secret Santa Reveal

For the first time ever, I was a part of a blogger gift swap. I signed up warily, mostly because I love getting mail, but I was nervous for sure. I knew, I just knew, that whoever got me would flake out and I would put effort into sending a gift and get nothing. Which sounds very Scrooge-ish of me. Haha. So I sent my gift and tried to prepare for the possibility that I wouldn't get a gift. But I totally did! Clearly I need to adjust my expectations of other people.

Lesley, from the Dream Tree, was my secret Santa. She mailed me an adorable package. She seriously could have put coal in it and I wouldn't have cared. That's how much of a mail hor I am. But luckily she bought me a great gift.

Inside the package was a book called Craft-A-Day. It was filled with simple, cute crafts, like mustache rings, cupcake toppers, and decorative journal ideas. How fun! 

I clearly have no children (that I know of) to make clothes for, but this onesie is too too cute. I'm going to have to make this for when my friends and siblings start having babies. Seriously, a whale onesie? I love it.

I sent my gift to Alejandra at Army Wife, Mommy Life. I really enjoyed getting connected with two bloggers that I never would have found otherwise. They both seem really cool. :D So maybe, just maybe, I'll participate in other blogger gift swaps since this one turned out to be so great. We'll see. :)

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