Sanjay Needs Recommendations!

Sanjay reached out to me with a request for some recommendations for pen and highlighter advice. I will provide him with some of my own, but I wanted to pose the question to visitors of the site to get a more well-rounded set of suggestions:

"My entire family are pen freaks. I am currently in Medical School and need some pen, highlighter and marker advice.

Currently in school my got pen is the Black Pilot G2 0.38MM for daily note taking and I use the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3MM to add color to key pieces of information in my notes. I also like to use a standard sharpie yellow highlighter as I review my material. I am looking for a pen line that offers me the options of colors so I would not have to use the Triplus anymore and the rights as fine or finer then the G2 0.38MM but also has some coolness to it. 

I have tried the Jetstream 0.7MM but i still dont get the satisfaction I get with writing with the G2. 

Any options or just a top 10 recommendation of pens would be great. 

Do you have any recommendations on highlighters also nothing that will smear?"