Okay, so I'm not huge on the idea of paying people money to have my name on a blog, and I'm also not huge on charging money to put people's names on my blog. But I really like the idea of sponsors. To me, it seems like a way to mutually help out other bloggers by encouraging and supporting each other.

So that's what's going to happen. This isn't a trial run for future paid sponsors. This is just going to be free. Forever. Until I get disgustingly famous and people pay me the big bucks to advertise for them. Then all my morals will go out the window, but since becoming a household name will take some time, I'm going to stay free until then.

So. You should click on the picture above ^ and sign up to sponsor. Then you can put my blog button in your sidebar, thus helping us both out. You can comment or email me to let me know what size of blog button you need for your sidebar. Seriously. Let's be friends.