Oops I Did it Again

Not only am I listening to Brittany Spears on Pandora, I also wore another outfit with black, brown, and gray.  I just can't help myself. Apparently all of my favorite clothes are in the black and brown color family, and since they're my favorites, why not wear them together? I can't think of a single compelling reason not to, so I will continue wearing black and brown together, and maybe throw in some navy to keep things interesting. :) Somewhere, my little brother's head is exploding. 

PS, I totally figured out a lazy way to fix my hair. Here's how it goes: Take shower and blog while hair dries. When finished drying, plug in straightener and put on some makeup. Straighten/curl bangs, then curl the hair on either side of my face with straightener. Hairspray. The end.
Great, right?
Also, I feel like these shorts may be too short now that I look at the pictures. What do you guys think?

Outfit Details: 

Boots -- Goodwill $6
Tights -- Goodwill $1.99
Shorts -- Salvation Army $1
Shirt -- Salvation Army $1
Blazer -- Salvation Army $2.06
Necklace -- Gift 

Total Cost: $12.05