Of Forever 21 and Mustard Yellow

Thrifting. Have I ever mentioned that I love it? 

Well, if not, let me just say: I love thrifting. Chase has started to enjoy (love is too strong of a word) thrift store shopping also. Which is great. When we first started dating, I found out that he had never been into a thrift store before, so we quickly fixed that on one of our first dates. Now he's one of my favorite people to go shopping with. Which is good. Since we're married and all, and will probably be shopping together until the day we die. 

Last week I went shopping and I found this yellow skirt. I fell in love, but I carried it around the store for at least thirty minutes trying to decide if I wanted to buy it or not. I know, I know what you're thinking: It was two dollars, idiot, why did you have to think about it? 

First of all, I would hope that your subconscious is not verbally abusive toward me, but second of all, I've started to realize that even when clothes are cheap, there's still a limit. How many skirts do I actually need? And if I wear it once, is it worth filling up my small (and shared!) closet? But I decided that this skirt was worth it, so I have great plans for it in my Thanksgiving outfit. Which I will so be posting tomorrow sometime. I might be an awful picture taker for daily outfits, but I damn well will take pictures of my holiday clothes. :)
And then I found these shorts. I see many many tights and shorts outfits in my future. 
And finally, this sweater. I really like the feel of it and the sweatery soft fabric. I've worn it once over some leggings, but it's a little bit too long for my taste. I think this might be a future refashion project to make it a normal cardigan length. We'll see. 
And that's my latest thrifting haul. What have you guys thrifted recently?