Costumes at Last!

The reason it's November 3rd, and I'm just now loading Halloween costume pictures is because we had a late Halloween party. Being late definitely didn't diminish the fun of it, though.

So, my costume was Tippy Hedren from The Birds, as I mentioned earlier.
Here's my refashioned version. 
Chase was Psy from this KPop video Gangnam Style.

Chase was a little bit less Asian than Psy, but had all the same wicked dance moves and slicked back hair.
Um, there's a bird on my jacket attacking me! 
(Btdubs, I totally made the blood with syrup, flour, and food coloring. I felt like a little morbid scientist whipping up a batch of fake blood. Which is still in my fridge... gross.)
Group photo from our late Halloween party. It was 
Halloween Party

I think on both of our costumes, we spent about $13 on everything. Crazy, right? Also, did you notice the awesome bird on my jacket? I hung out with Kate, my blog friend who turned into a real friend a few weeks ago. Chase and her fiance hung out also, which was random and awesome, and when I told them about my costume idea, Walker was like, Oh I have a huge crow in my dorm room. Want to borrow it?

It worked out perfectly for the costume! And it was awesome, because I really didn't want to buy a crow that I would then have to put in the apartment. Too Poe-ish for me. Haha.