Brown and Gray and Black, Oh My!

One of my little brothers, Peter, is incredibly conscious about style and fashion. One time I showed up for Christmas wearing a black and white striped tunic dress, brown boots, and a navy cardigan with a brown scarf. I thought the outfit was rocking. He spent the whole day telling me why I shouldn't wear navy OR brown OR black together, and the fact that I was wearing all three together was something that should never ever be repeated. 

But since I'm my own person and like wearing what I want to, I wore this brown, gray, and black outfit to church yesterday. :) Also, if you're looking at the pictures thinking, "Hm, her hair looks really dark," don't worry, it's just your imagination. 

I'm totally kidding. I dyed it. The box said dark brown, but it ended up being a brownish/blackish color. But that's okay. I feel a little bit like Snow White. Also, Chase is really good at dying hair. 
P.S. Tomorrow is election day! I'm so excited to find out who the next president is going to be. We're going to have a really cheesy, fun election night party with some of our friends. I will take photos fo sho. 

Outfit Details:

Sweater -- Free
Dress -- Old Navy via Salvation Army $4.56
Tights -- old
Boots -- Target $15
Chase dying my hair -- Priceless

Total Cost: $19.56