Binders of Women?

Well. I don't really have a plan for this blog post, but I feel like posting, so here's my post. :) 

First off, this picture. How awesome is it? If you missed the second debate, then you probably won't enjoy this picture as fully as you could.
Can I just say, all politics aside, Mitt Romney is kind of a jerk toward women. Not overtly, and probably not even intentionally. In an interview, he talked about how Ann became really ill during their marriage. He said that he didn't mind eating peanut butter sandwiches and cereal since she was unable to cook a hot dinner each night.

Learn to cook some damn spagetti, Mitt.

Maybe it's my feminist mindset, but that seems awfully sexist to expect the wife to cook every.single.dinner. Obviously some women choose to stay home and they choose to cook, which is wonderful. My mom is a stay at home mom who does cook every single dinner. And she loves it. But I'm completely and absolutely certain that if she had a debilitating illness, my dad would start making dinner rather than eating cold cereal since she couldn't cook.

Whatevs. It's not like I'm voting anyway. Chase and I registered to vote in early September, but we never received our cards, so I'll be watching and not participating. Which I think is totally fine. I'm kind of against the whole mindset that everybodyinthecountryMUSTvoteortheyareahorriblepersonwhohatesamerica.

One last thing: Ryan Gosling is such a cool poster child for feminism.