High-Low Skirt Refashion

DIY high low polka dot skirt.

I've been on the lookout for a long skirt at thrift stores, and I finally found one on Tuesday. The skirt was a size large and was missing a button, but it was sixty-six cents, so I couldn't pass this baby up. Here are the too-big before pictures.
I turned the skirt inside out and took in the side seams about an inch on each side to make the skirt a little more narrow. Nobody wants a skirt that falls off. Weird... I also resewed the button that was missing on the top.

After that, I folded the skirt like it is in the picture and cut the front part off, making sure to do a gradual curve as I cut so there wouldn't be any harsh angles. I still need to hem the skirt, but the fabric doesn't ravel very much, so I'll just hem it when I get around to it.
This skirt was so fun and simple to refashion, and now I have a rocking high-low skirt for under a dollar. That's the kind of price I like. :) It blows my mind how people can buy new when there are such great deals to be found at Salvation Army.