31 Days of CopyCat

I love blogging. Like seriously love. But sometimes I get bored and can't think of what to blog about and such. And apparently in the blogsphere, October is the "31 Days of..." month. Here's a link to about a million other bloggers doing similar challenges. Therefore, this month is going to be deemed "31 Days of CopyCats".

I love fashion and style and dressing cute, but that love usually doesn't get expressed in what I actually wear. It's so difficult when Nike shorts and leggings are in my drawers looking all comfortable basically begging me to wear them. So the CopyCat month is basically to motivate myself to dress cute for a month and blog more frequently. We'll see how it goes.

Are any of you doing a "31 Days..." project this month?

Edit: Here is a link to my outfits done.