Our Labor Day Weekend in Pictures

1.  a friday night walk through hartman reserve and a discovered teepee in the woods.
2.  although i left the pretty fall wildflowers in their environment, i can't say the same for the baggie full of acorns I confiscated for fall decor.  
3.  a saturday morning to myself, complete with a warm something in my hand-painted mug from cruz man.
4.  welcome back, pretty fall decor.  
5.  fall looks good in my house.
6.  found the perfect spot for my mummy friend from amy friend.
7.  my favorite table to decorate.
8.  my acorns, put to good use in tall mason jars with yummy scented candles.  i believe a filler like this would cost $20 from pottery barn.  
9.  ball jars and jack 'o lanterns are the perfect fall combination.
10.  an afternoon of football on tv, pumpkin spice candles lit on the countertop, and a homemade pan of pumpkin bars baking in the oven.
11.  sunday morning breakfast on the deck - just me and my boy.
12.  pumpkin bars for breakfast...
13.  morning jam sesh
14.  sunday morning church at backbone state park (even the mantis is praying)
15.  thoreau would love this place...
16.  "we did not drive an hour to play grocery store at this playground!"
17.  a picnic in the woods
18.  acting sweet after accidentally stepping on a gogurt packed and squeezing it all over his sandwich...
19.  playin' in the woods
20.  picnic food
21.  peekaboo behind a tree much bigger than cruz
22.  leading the way...
23.  the perfect hiking spot
24.  a stop for ice cream on the way home.  cruz got his very own baby cone and devoured it!
25.  playing barber shoppe
26.  puzzles and sesame on our day off
27.  new friends from faraway - a couple of very sweet beagles found their way to our front porch.  cruz loved them.  i got them some water to drink and he rolled over on his tummy and watched them drink and kept saying 'hey, dog.'  i called animal control to come pick them up (after we made sure to get some playtime in ;)

we had a lovely three-day weekend over here, filled with quiet time, family time, an empty laundry room, football on tv, and a house that smells like twenty different fall scents all wrapped up into one.  I've got 'autumn' in the living room, 'fireside marshmallow' in the kitchen, and 'pumpkin spice' in the bedroom --- every room is its own little getaway.  and while i'm not sure we got below ninety degrees all weekend long, there were dreams of wooly scarves, cinnamon spiced apple cider, and some kind of stew simmering on the stovetop.  

welcome back, september.