Les Miserables

I am a huge Les Miserables fan. Huge. When I was about eight or nine, my brother Daniel who was eleven, and I both read the book. I read the abridged version which was only 350something pages, and he read the fourteen hundred page tome that is the original Les Mis. When we finished, my older sister Becky took us to the Broadway production that came to a big city near us. I was awestruck. I remember sitting there getting chill bumps when the cannons went off during the war scene. Daniel and I would also sing the Eponine and Marius duet. We also put on a play with some of our friends of Les Mis, and I insisted that I had to be Eponine, my favorite character. I remember reading the program countless times and learning all of the actors and actresses names. Their real names, not character names. I was a nerd even then. Becky took us to the play a second time a few years after that, and I was just as entranced.  

As soon as I got good enough on the piano, I learned how to play all of the songs. Those songs are still my favorite piano songs to play. 

Needless to say, I'm thrilled that there is a new movie coming out in December. I seriously. cannot. wait. The play is also coming to Chicago in November, and Chase has promised he'll go watch it with me. :) I found this video on a friend's facebook and fell in love. It's kind of a lengthy video, but this guy is seriously talented. You should all watch it.