Orange Week

Last week, Cruz and I celebrated the color orange with food, fun, and a patio table smeared with paint.  While my Muffin Tin Monday was probably the easiest to prepare this week, I had a hard time coming up with lots of orange activities to keep us busy.  So, we had our usual fun, and by the end of the week, seemed to incorporate lots of colors instead of just one.  

This week's discovery box (in Cruz's brand spankin' new Nike shoebox)...

This week included a shovel, a basketball, on orange pom pom and paint for a paint project later in the week, some goldfish crackers, a sweet potato veggie snack, Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin, and one of Beau's favorite childhood toy, an Ant? (I had never heard of Ants before, but later learned they were about as big as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the day).     

Muffin Tin Monday...

This was an easy week for food.  I did easy finger foods for Cruz this week:  some Goldfish, a peach, mandarin oranges, carrot sticks, a cheese sandwich, and his absolute favorite, cheese curls.    

What's Cookin' Wednesday...

Cruz helped me bake a batch of white chocolate orange cookies.  They tasted very similar to white chocolate macadamia nut only with a hint of orange (and no actual nuts).  They were delicious, teeny, and perfect in a glass of milk.      

One morning, we sat on the back deck and painted some mini murals for Cruz's new art gallery in his new room (pictures to come soon).  Since I figured using only orange would be pretty boring, we experimented with lots of color and used a different texture for each.  Cruz loved playing with the many types of 'brushes' and I think the finished product ended up really neat.

The textures we used were all things I had around the house:  a cotton ball and Q-Tip, feather (from a feather duster), paint brush, toothbrush, a sponge brush, and an orange pom pom ball.

How else did we celebrate orange week???

We had a carpet picnic of cookies and milk and watched some Olympics.  I taught Cruz to dip his cookie in his milk until it was nice and soggy, which led to a new pair of pajamas and a pretty good milk goatee!


Where'd it go???

And we watched God paint a pretty Iowa sunset to end our week...

Two more weeks of summer left and I'm bound and determined to squeeze in two more colors to complete our rainbow.  After all, school is just around the corner and my son has a thing for yellow school buses, and my garden is chock full of pretty purple lavender that I have no idea what to do with!  

Happy Friday everyone!