Glasses and Denim CopyCat

Can I tell you something that pisses me off? 

My computer didn't answer, so I'm going to assume you all would have answered affirmatively. It pisses me off when I read style blogs and can feel the elitist, superior personalities that ooze off of them. One blog that I love getting outfit ideas from wrote a post. Then as if this was an admission of poor fashion, she said, I usually end up wearing some version of this outfit at least once each summer. 


I'm not even going to lie. If I find an outfit I like, I usually end up wearing it at least once each week. I'm sure she is just incredibly blessed and creative and mixes up outfits like nobody's business. But that attitude is pretty lousy. What I really want to say is, All of your readers are not the type who buy a new shirt at Anthropologie every other day just so they can have a cute outfit to photograph, and most normal people have budgets and bills and do not obsessively photograph every detail of every outfit every single freaking day and really it's obnoxious to post perfect pictures of all of your "Iwearthisonceandthenthrowitaway" clothes and even when you post those sympathy-eliciting posts about how vulnerable you feel and you didn't even wear mascara today and you're being so real with your readers, you still manage to post a posed black and white picture of your semi-makeup-free face that looks like it was taken in a studio.

A black and white picture does not count as showing your true make-up free face. If I want to "fix" a picture I don't like of myself, I change it to black and white because it automatically hides every facial imperfection. It's like, Even when I'm ugly and hate myself, I'm still gorgeously ugly and my clothes still match. It reminds me of Helen from Bridesmaids, and that's basically the type of person I avoid at all costs. 

I'm just over fake-ness. I don't even think that's a word. I have many, many faults, but being fake is not one of them. Okay, I'm done. I promise not to post another pissy post the rest of the week. 

Outfit Details: 

Denim Shirt -- NY Jeans via Salvation Army $2
Tank top -- Mossimo via Goodwill $1
Shorts -- Bealls $4
Wedges -- Thrift shop $2

Total Cost: $9