Refashion: Make Skinny Jeans Bigger

I have been coveting the colored jeans fad that is happening right now. Check out these wonderful pants!

Kim Kardashian (sp?) is a heinous example of a celebrity not this person. Oops! It's Frieda Pinto. :) I like her jeans. Does that make me shallow... ?
I don't have the guts to wear skinny jeans with heels yet, but this outfit is beautiful!

My favorite outfit! I would wear this every. single. day.

So, motivated by pictures such as these, I made it my mission to look for colored skinnies at Goodwill every time I went in. I went shopping right after a big storm in the area, and there was no power in Goodwill, but they were still open. So I went shopping in the dark. It was strangely exciting. I also found a pair of purple skinny jeans from Target with the tags still on them. Price? $3.99. That fit within my budget and within my style. 

However, it wasn't all fun and rainbows and skinny jeans. Although they were a size bigger than I usually wear, apparently Target is on a big kick to make girls feel fat, so they were too tight. You know that awful stuffed-sausage feeling? That's what I had. However, I couldn't pass them up, so I made those suckers bigger.

Do you see that seam right beside the surged edge? I unpicked that seam on both sides of the legs. It took forever and a day, but armed with episodes of Grey's Anatomy it wasn't so bad.

I then re-sewed a seam on the edge of the surge to make the seam stronger.

Like this...

Here is the finished product. Room to breathe AND a stupid-cheap price for colored skinny jeans. I was one happy girl.
Edit: You will be picking purple strings off of your pants forEVER. 

Also, I painted my nails. I'm going to say it was for the
Fourthof July so I sound patriotic and cool.