Blue on Blue CopyCat

For today's copycat post, I used a Pinterest picture again. I adore the blazer + shorts look, and today at Salvation Army I found a cobalt blue blazer for $.66. It was a size 10, though, and I clearly cannot fit into that. I brought it home and cut it apart into pieces and put it back together, and now I love it! I'll post a tutorial tomorrow with pictures from the jacket-surgery. 
In other news, we discovered a movie theatre in our area were tickets cost $1.75. Cheapest. Date. Ever. They don't have the most recent releases, but we're willing to wait a few weeks at that price. In Texas we had a movie theatre for $2.75 matinee and $5 in the evening, and we thought that was fantastic. But $1.75 is even better. We started having a weekend movie date, because seriously, where can you have a fun evening for $3.50? I'm so happy. 

Why yes, it does have pockets.

Outfit details: 
Blazer (Salvation Army $.66)
Shirt (Goodwill $3)
Shorts (Salvation Army $1)
Flats (Salvation Army $1)
Necklace (gift)
Purse (Salvation Army $8). 

Total Cost: $13.66