A Few of My Favorite Things...

Here are a few things that I have been working on that make me smile. 
1. The pillows on the bed with coordinating fabric. I love the giraffe one. :)
2. The photo collage that Chase and I put up in our apartment. In the two tiny frames, you can see the flowered fabric from the pillow.
3. The striped curtains I found at Salvation Army for seven dollars! They are actually cloth shower curtains, but I sewed a pocket for a curtain rod and they are perfect. They're bright enough for our small apartment, but since they used to be a shower curtain, they have an extra lining so they'll keep light out at night.
4. The flowered curtain tie I made from the last few scraps of the flowered fabric that used to be a shirt.

5. The plants we have in the kitchen. Don't judge the purple basil. It's had a rough life, but we're hoping it pulls through.
6. The new computer chair we found. $6.96 at Salvation Army. (!!) I think I will repaint the frame, though. I'm not really fond of gold.
7. The beautiful couch pillows!
8. The most delicious snack ever--cottage cheese and grapes. Don't knock it until you try it. :) 

I hope everybody is enjoying their Tuesday. Also, I have a job interview tomorrow! So many reasons for smiling. :D

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