Important Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

by Thelma Kent

Drink lots of water
Weight gain and pregnancy are the two major known causes of markings on the body. However, there are other causes like obesity. Other people also develop them as a result of hormonal and generic problems. These markings can affect both male and female but common in ladies. However, some people do not develop them at all. Home remedies for stretch marks are the best way to handle the problem. However, people with special conditions like pregnancy need to follow the doctors advice for them.

One of these is regular exercise. This is mainly because exercise helps tightening the skin thus promoting its elasticity. However, the type of exercise that one engages in should be those that that directly involve the affected areas. Some of these exercises include lying down flat on the back and lifting each of the legs at 90 degrees. This will help to firm the buttocks. 

It is also advisable to consume plenty of water in the body. Good hydrated skins always result in regular detoxification of skin and thus restore its elasticity which always assists in diminishing these markings. If possible, one needs to drink at least several glasses of water in a day.

Balanced diet rich in vitamin A, C and E may also be important in eliminating the markings. This is because these vitamins always provide the skin with adequate nutrients for skin care. At the same time, they also endow the skin for maximum elasticity.

Calendula Moisturizing Stick Balm - great for stretch marks

Balanced diet is also important. This must be rich in both vitamin A, C and E. These usually endow the skin and also provide it with necessary nutrients for skincare. Application of olive oil may also work for most people.

The good thing with
home remedies for stretch marks is that they are very cheap and works if properly followed. Some of the therapies may have to be followed a number of times for them to completely eliminate the markings. Because of this, one would have to dedicate their time to them.


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