Water Baby

Today, I got a taste of what our summer is going to look like.  I was in the middle of a clean sweep in Cruz's room, packing away 12-18 month clothes and sweeping dust bunnies from underneath the crib, when I got a text from Beau, who had taken Cruz outside earlier to deter from him 'helping' me clean his room.  
"Front yard."

When I peeked out the front screen door, I found this.  Two boys, laughing hysterically, taking turns running through, around, and right smack into the sprinkler in our front yard.  While we suspected Cruz would love the pool this summer based on his love of taking baths, I had no idea he would be so bold in the cold sprinkler water.  There he'd go, back and forth through the water, closing his eyes as he ran face first into the stream, grinning and giggling from ear to ear.  Every now and then, he'd lose his balance and fall right in the middle of the stream.  Instead of crying or shying away from the icy cold water, he simply ran to the side, wiping his eyes with his little fists, and going back in for another round.  Beau and I couldn't control our laughter, and both fondly shook our heads at this fearless little wonder in front of us.  I cannot wait to see him at the pool.

Today was a day that left me astounded with the amount of joy one little human can bring to a life.  I swear the smiles and laughter created today are enough to cure a lifetime of sadness.