if only there was an all-inclusive new york...

Today, I come seeking advice from fellow readers!  Looking for your expertise on helping my husband and I solve our current predicament/argument.  It's really kind of a fun thing to be arguing about, however, our time is slipping by and some decisions need to be made!

The predicament:  How/Where to spend our FIVE Year Wedding Anniversary. 

When: Our anniversary is June 2.

Factors to consider:

-We've been dreaming and saving for a trip since our first anniversary.  We had plans to go out 'big'--- a trip to Italy, or Figi, or something like that, but now wish to scale back for obvious reasons (an 18 month old whom mama misses after 8 hours let alone 8 days, and, well, the whole job situation)...
-We have agreed to make this a 3-5 day adventure (I lean towards 3, Beau 5)
-No Cruz, just us.  Because of this, we want a destination that one would rather travel without kids.  
-I want a place we've never been, a new place to explore; Beau wants all-inclusive, swim-up bar, basically the exact vacation we've already enjoyed together twice. 
-I want energy and adventure, Beau wants relaxation and chill.

Our first choices... 


New York, New York! I want big, I want bright. I want a Broadway show, tickets to Jimmy Fallon, and a picnic in Central Park. I want one of those frozen hot chocolates from Serendipity and a hot dog from a street vendor. I want to be a tourist, take a gazillion pictures, and enjoy exploring a new city, eating great food, and feeling the rush with my hubby. The catch? Beau’s Uncle Les used to live in the city and Beau’s ‘been there, done that’ before. He thinks it’s expensive, busy, and anything but relaxing. We have no idea where to stay or more importantly, how to score cheap Broadway tickets. And after the semester I’ve had, a part of me wonders if relaxation and desolation is a better idea.


An adults-only, all-inclusive, week for the two of us, trapped at a desolate, beautiful resort with an unlimited supply of room service, guacamole, and pina coladas. Since it’s the off-season, you can find great all-inclusive packages at a number of tropical destinations, and it’s definitely a trip for the two of us. The catch? We spent a week in Mexico for our honeymoon, and had the time of our lives there again for our first year anniversary. Since we won’t go for a whole week, I’m afraid we’d just get there and have to leave again, and, well, I can’t pull off a swimsuit like I could five years ago. We could seek out other all-inclusive destinations, but I have no idea where to look. 


Looking for suggestions, ideas, and solutions! Where have you been that you've loved and what would you recommend for an anniversary destination? Something that caters to adults, that could be done in a 3-5 day period.  Something that's relaxing, new, and full of energy. I welcome ideas regarding cities, resorts/hotels, fun things to do, places to eat, etc.

Thanks for your help!!!