Doane Paper Leather Works Utility Notebook Cover

Mrs. Claus was good to me this year, and she came through with one of the items from my Holiday Gift Guide posting, the Doane Paper Leather Works Utility Notebook Cover. I wanted something that would protect my pocket notebooks so they don't get destroyed when I carry them around in back pocket for a weeks/months.

Opening the box revealed this card. Genuine leather? Sure! Handcrafted? Excellent! 

The leather for this product was sourced through Horween. If you go to their site, you can see that they take leather making very seriously. 

On the other side of the card, you get more information about Horween and the techniques used to produce the (exceptional) leather.

Alas, the notebook cover. The notebook features a light blue stitching reminiscent of Tiffany's blue. The leather is thick, soft, and just feels durable. The semi-dark brown looks classy and rugged. 

'made in the USA' is stamped on the back, which is rare to see these days. Do you see that stitching?!

The notebook cover includes one utility notebook. If you haven't tried Doane's paper products, they are excellent. I love the way the grid + lines layout offers a friendly way to switch between standard text and charting, graphing, and planning.

We have a lot of projects at home right now, so Doane is perfect for coordinating the to-do lists, supplies, and necessary time lines. During school, Doane serves me well on any assignments that I have, especially during the initial stages.

In short, it is easy to recommend Doane paper, and this Leather Works Utility Notebook Cover is exceptional. Go get one (when they are back in stock).