Waste not Want Not....don't throw your dollars away!

by Katy Green

Anytime there is a major holiday, I am reminded of the pollution that enters the air from all of the exhaust fumes from the cars buzzing everywhere.

Millions of people will travel by car this weekend to holiday at their favorite beach. A couple things you should before you pile into the car:
  • Energy Conservation: Not at home, turn off the lights, set the thermostat or central air to 75 degrees, plug out all appliances.
  • Reduce Eletric Consumption : Turn off TV's and computers or any electronic equipment. Turn of your power strip.
Did you know with a programmable thermostat you can save 10% on your cooling bills during the summer by adjusting the thermostat when you are sleeping or away.
  • Water Conservation: Turn down the water heater thermostat to 120° F. Turn off your automatic sprinkler.
  • Reduce Heat: Close heating vents and close doors to unused rooms.Close drapes and windows during sunny summer days and after sunset in cooler weather.
  • Remember to check your stove and confirm it is off. Also check your carbon monoxide monitor and make sure it is working.

Okay, now you are conserving energy and you on your way to the beach but before you jump in the water and frolic in the sand, please read Beach Ratings so that you can avoid the most polluted and the worst rated for health standards.