The Write Dudes Super Gel Metallic Ink Pens

MEGA Brands America, Inc. generously sent a package full of products to review, including this pack of Super Gel Metallic ink pens. This product line is called Write Dudes, which is also part of The Board Dudes, a company that produces a variety of dry-erase boards.

As you can see on the back of the package, this pack includes pens with a 1.2 mm tip size utilizing metallic ink. The company is based out of California, and the products are manufactured in China.

Click the image for a larger view.

Upon trying out the samples, I was at first pleasantly surprised by the performance of the blue color. Then I moved on to the purple pen, and it really didn't work, even when I tried using a more "toothy" paper than the Rhodia Reverse Book (shown above) Regardless of what I tried, I could not get the pen to start writing. I experienced the same issues with the red and violet pens, which barely worked at all. 

The orange worked pretty well, and I found it interesting that the color was a burnt orange/copper.

The light blue pen worked for the sample above, and then it stopped working right afterwards. 

The gold worked well, but the color was more of a German mustard than gold. I think it is an interesting color, but I personally don't think the color is very appealing for most purposes.

I've read that these pens are typically sold at Target and Michael's, and I think this particular pack is sold at target for $4.99.  

The pens were comfortable to hold, but I write close to the end, so I'd prefer if the grip was moved down closer to the tip.

Of the two pens that wrote well, the green and blue, the performance was very good and reminded me of the Pentel Sunburst metallic ink pens.

Though it would increase costs, I think these pens could benefit quite a bit from a pressurized cartridge (see: Uni-ball Power Tank), especially when I was not able to try three of eight colors in this pack. If these were available in singles, and I could try them before I purchased them, I might pick up a few to give to my friends that like craft pens. As far as this pack goes, I would not purchase them after having a bad experience with getting the pens to write. It is just too difficult to ignore the serious quality control issues with the (lack of) performance with the ink.