Our Seven-Month Old

Well, we've just about made it.  With just two weeks left in the school year, I am looking ahead to a summer break with my seven-month-old!  Time truly does fly by, and now that the weather is finally getting warmer, it's making me all the more ready to soak up summer break with my growing boy.  And by growing I mean losing his neck and gaining lots of rolls!  

The month started with another doctor's appointment for Cruz, and another round of shots.  His stats were pretty expected: 28" long and 18.2 pounds.  His weight is surprisingly still at the 50th percentile, but he climbed the charts in height...85th!  He's definitely hit a growth spurt since then, however, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's over 20 lbs. by now!  He's an eater!

Cruz Man LOVES eating!  Sometimes I wonder if he would ever stop!  This month, we introduced the concept of meals to his life.  He still gets about 3-4 bottles a day, but also gets breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He loves his cereal every morning, but really loves his baby food.  This month, I started getting a little creative with my recipes, and Cruz has relished being my number one taste tester.  His favorites this month have been green peas, cauliflower gratin, bananas and blueberries, and bananas and mangoes!  I have become obsessive about my baby food and have started stocking my freezer similar to my mother-in-law's pantry.  It doesn't matter that I have weeks of baby food stored in the freezer, every time I use some, I feel the need to make more to re-stock!  I think Beau's mom has three bottles of ketchup on hand at all times!  I guess I'm prepared for a produce freeze at the grocery store!

In addition to his veggies and fruit, Cruz has also started eating Gerber Puffs this month.  I've discovered these are great tools for practicing Cruz's fine motor skills, as it's quite the feat for him to grab one and get it in his mouth.  It's adorably pathetic to watch, and I usually can't stand it for too long before I just help!  His strategy is to grab as many as he can in his little fist, then stick his entire fist in his mouth, hoping to grab one with his tongue.  He's typically successful and is getting better all the time!

Tonight, we went out for supper after a trip to Sam's.  Beau was holding Cruz across the table from me.  All the sudden, he started waving at me, opening and closing his little fist over and over again.  I couldn't believe it and shrieked in delight.  Little did I know, he had a puff stuck to his palm the whole time!  It was nearly dissolved by the time I discovered the reason for his wave! 

Although he hasn't officially started crawling yet, Cruz is becoming more and more active and mobile.  He rocks back and forth, shakes his head back and forth, and pretends he's in his jumperoo when being held.  The simple task of changing his diaper has become a wrestling match; if we don't distract Cruz with a bottle of Aveeno lotion, he's all over the place.  Gone were the days when his changing table served as my safe zone.  We decided to lower his crib this month, and it won't be long before we will be Cruz-proofing everything else in the house!  

Cruz also started jabbering a lot more this month.  My favorite is when he exposes his bottom two teeth and does his 'yah, yah, yah.'  I swear he's said mom a few times ;)

Despite Cruz's usually good health, a couple weeks ago we encountered 'Poop Week.'  Monday morning, we picked Cruz up from daycare for what we thought was Post-Easter recovery, or teething.  After four poopy diapers in about three hours, he was exiled from daycare for 24 hours.  Tuesday, I stayed home with him.  Still pooping.  Wednesday, Grandma came to stay with him.  Still pooping.  Thursday, Dad stayed home.  Still Pooping.  And Friday, Grandma came one more day to change diapers and watch the royal wedding with our poop monster.  We never did pinpoint whether he had a bug or not, but we sure got our money's worth of daycare for the week (or not)...

Other 'loves' to add to the list this month???

...still loves his dad's (or grandpa's) shoulders.  He squeals and acts as though he's king of the world.

...Wheel of Fortune.  It's the only TV show he really lets distract him.

...putting his pacifier in his mouth.  taking his pacifier out of his mouth.  putting his pacifier in his mouth. you get the idea.

...his crib!  Cruz still loves his snuggly crib and loves to sleep.  He still loves to snuggle, but also loves curling up with a blankie in his bed. 

...his plastic stacking cups.  His Sophie.  Anything paper and anything food.  He had his first taste of ice cream and bawled when I wouldn't give him more.  

...peekaboo.  It's the easiest way to score a giggle.  

...playing with his toys.  He loves his toys and will stay occupied for so long attempting to figure out the capabilities of his contraptions.  

...being outside.  He thinks the wind is hilarious, walks are perfect opportunities for naps, and playing on a blanket outside is the best combination in the world. 

...the bathroom sink.  I swear he knows what to do with a toothbrush!

...apple juice.  We started giving him a little bit every now and then to off-set his love of bananas.  He guzzles it down!

I have loved this month!  Every new sound, smile, snuggle, and expression are so exciting.  So thankful for our happy boy...

Happy Seven Months, Cruz Bennett!