Jonesing for Trash into Rainbows or a Plastic Fantasy?

by Katy Green

Rainbows and starlight's in flight are we in the 70's or is this a kaleidoscope of artistic expression? This is what shoots through my head when I look at the bright creations of Melbourne-based artist and jeweler Liz Jones.

Jerry Jame from Tree, he claims she is a bit of a magician because her art as Jerry says "is gorgeous". How does Liz J. collect her art? Well, by picking up the all the glorious waste on the beach (very sad). Visit us soon for our NO MORE PLASTIC Campaign!

One woman's garbage is another woman's treasure as restated by me.  Take a gander at this work of art.

Cigarette Lighter Sun Beam (that is Katy Green's interpretation)

Plastic Fantastic (Katy Green's Label)